10k Courtcare Open at Pontefract

We are delighted to be hosting the Courtcare Open 10k event at Pontefract this year. This prestigious tournament with a significant $10,000 total prize money will be sure to attract a very strong entry from local talent and other aspiring professionals from all parts of the world.

It will begin on 9th August with the first qualifying round and conclude on Sunday 14th with the final to determine the 2016 winner. Details are still being confirmed however it is planned that World number 2  Laura Massaro will play an exhibition match before the final takes place against Pontefract's PSL player Fiona Moverley . There will also be a junior tournament running over the weekend so the place should have quite an atmosphere.

Courtcare who are sponsoring the event are one of the best squash court specialists in the country and are used by Pontefract Squash Club to maintain a quality playing experience for all our members and guests