Fitness Classes

We have various fitness classes, which take place in the club they are friendly enjoyable classes run by experienced teachers/instructors.

please note that times and availability can change so you are advised to confirm before attending

Dance Aerobics with Kath

A funky, fresh and most definitely fun -  dance instruction in the form of a modern fitness workout class.  Begin with a great dance tempo warm up, followed by step-by-step dance visual instruction performed with an up-beat pulse-racing tempo 


This is a dance and aerobics exercise class with a Columbian influence. The choreography incorporates many of the best known latin-american dances with squats and lunges to produce a fantastic work out suitable for everyone.

Body Tone with Gill

All over bodywork out 20/20, 20 minutes Aerobics, 20 abdominal, not forgetting the upper body, excellent for toning the arms.  A class not to be missed.

Hip Bums, Thighs with Gill

Burns tons of calories with about half the impact of running and it gives your bum and legs an amazing workout.  It’s fun and entertaining especially as our instructor is enthusiastic and the participants are motivated.

Yoga with Marlene / Emma

Yoga offers us a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, which can provide us with the ‘tools’ to cope with the challenges of daily life.  Yoga can also complement medical science and therapy for specific conditions.

Pilate’s with Melanie

The Pilate’s method represents a unique approach to exercise that develops body awareness, improving and changing the bodies postural and alignment habits and increasing flexibility and ease of movement.

Abs Classes with Louise

Take your pick from the beginners class for an intro to toning that tummy or go for the intense class to get that six pack you've always dreamed about! 

Kettlebells with Susie

Another alternative to gym workouts. For people of all ages this all round body exercise targets muscles you didn't know you had!  Typical kettlebell exercises build strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back, legs and shoulders, and increase grip strength.

Running Club

We have a Running Club which meet and run from the club every week and they are always looking to welcome new runners, details of the club can be found at